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Arunabha Bhattacharya


Lovely velvet cake amongst the best in the city

Muskaan Gairola


I have tasted most of the cakes from here, but by far this is eggless mocha cake is the best cake I have offered from Angels in my Kitchen. In 5 minutes it was finished by everyone.

Utkarsh Sethi


My favorite place to have deserts after office. The place truly justifies the name. Chocolate cakes are a must.. Such tender and soft cakes are no where to find. Though i find it a bit over prized but hey they don't compromise on taste. Cheers.

Vijay Kaul


Good bakery/confectionery shops in New Delhi. Excellent range of medium priced products, good for a party or gifting. We picked up for both of the above and the products were good value for money. We bought lemon tarts, truffle exotique, black forest pastry, chicken seekh roll, chicken mince puff.



Angels in my kitchen has several outlets spread all over delhi. This place is famous for its mouth watering menu of cake, bakery products and a lot more!. I have tried few of its pastries, brownies, savory items and I seriously love all the delicacies. Also, this place is perfect for special occasions and festivities with their assorted collection of beautiful hampers, gift boxes and so much more. 

Best quality and super worthy stuff!



A bakery with beautiful ambience, located in defence colony. The pastry options are good along with loaves of bread and cakes. Looks beautiful from inside. It's a small place and cosy from inside. We tried some pastries, such as moose, pineapple, banana tart, black forest. All were good. The tart was very strong in taste, and everyone can't have it, but it definitely looked appealing. 

A great option for a bakery for the people living nearby.

Nikhil P


I liked their pastries especially one with name Belgian vision or something like. Garlic bread was also quite good. Prices are some what in the mid range for most of the items but its worth trying for it.

Jyotica Kapoor


If you're a chocolate fan, you've got to try the Belgian evasion cake! It is so good. We cut this cake for everyone's birthday in our office, we all are such fans of it. PS: it is a little heavy unlike other cakes and if it is the kind of cake which will not be left after cutting because everyone will finish it off!

Bhavya Dua


Any birthday can be made special with a cake and when it comes to your best friend's birthday, you want to opt for the best. that's what I did and bought a cake from angels in my kitchen. it was a very good decision . the cake was delicious with the perfect balance of everything. thank you angels in my kitchen.

Ashish Sachdeva


Big fan of their cakes and pastries. Whenever I visit def col I never miss out on this place. Black Forest Pastry and Fruit Pastry truly Delicious here. Unlike other places here the Fruit Pastry don't have fruits just on the top but also inside the pastry too which makes it more yummm.. 
Fruit Pastry is priced at Rs. 110/- all inclusive which is totally worth.

Pulkita Parsai


of course this place is famous for its cakes and pastries but i also liked the breads here. they have a range of freshly baked breads of different kinds.. brown bread/ multigrain are usually my picks. they are soft and make wonderful accompaniments for my eggs in the morning. it adds to my breakfast with its crisp and fresh texture. wonderful place to pick up. also its well located in the middle of def col market so very easily accessible.

Saanvi Sethi


Today, I ordered one of their specialities from angels in my kitchen.
I ordered
1. Belgian evasion cake (1 kg)
This is the best cake you can get in delhi. The chocolate, cream everything was just too amazing. The quality and the quantity of the nuts was quite amazing. The best part about the cake was that the sponge in the cake, consisted of liquid chocolate, which was heavenly. All of their cakes are very fresh from the beginning to the end. The packaging is eco friendly. The price is a bit too high, but then the quality we get is very good. It's actually worth the money. Rather than doing cake facials, it's worth eating. Loved the cake. Worth a visit. Worth trying this. ??????



It was my Boss's birthday and we ordered a caramel butterscotch cake. He liked it so much.