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Pack of 4 Fudge Brownies - 519.75 / 1 Pack - Normal

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Did you know a walnut fudge brownie has less fat than a traditional brownie? These decadent tasting brownies, won’t make you feel so guilty after all. Crispy on the top and the sides and mushy in the inside – just the way a brownie should be. 

Brownie details: 

Brownie Flavour – Chocolate 

Brownie type – Moist 

Shape – Square 

Serves – 1 person 



1. The brownie tray, cutlery & accessories used in the image are for display purposes only. These will not be delivered with the cookie. 

2. The brownie is hand-delivered in a good quality cardboard box  

3. The photos are indicative of the product. Actual size, shape, the number of elements may vary. 



1.  Store the brownie in a clean dry place

2. Brownie can be stored up to 5 days in an airtight container. We recommend a cookie jar or a glass container 

3. Figurines and sculpted elements may contain supports - toothpicks or wooden skewers. Serve them with caution. 



Your safety is paramount to us, we have adopted all safety measures as per the WHO guidelines,  to ensure the products delivered to you are of high quality, Hygienically packed and safely delivered. 

We advocate online payment for cashless delivery. 

Please make sure that you submit correct details, once the order is placed our executive will get in touch with you to confirm the exact date and time of delivery of your product. 


Send us a WhatsApp at 9899411002,  for further details. 


You have been Touched By Angel - Enjoy your Brownie! 

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