Our Story

Invigorated by their love for baking and envisioned by a dream to bring the distinct taste of sour dough bread and flaky pastries to the Indian palette, two friends from the Institute of hotel management at Kolkata & Bhubaneswar, ventured into setting up their very own local bakery in the Indian capital and called it "ANGELS IN MY KITCHEN".

Much like Angels are pure messengers of God, they incarnated themselves as messengers of pure taste to deliver mouth-watering cakes and establish them in the Indian culinary arena. With this credo and large-hearted devotedness to enchant their customers, they set up a bakery and patisserie storein the New Friends Colony ofNew Delhi in 2003.   Working incessantly with flour on their fingers, handcrafting breads and cakes they kept customer satisfaction atthe forefront and created a thesis ofbeing genuine bakers. Within a couple of years, they propelled into opening more stores and today they are a leading retail bakery & patisserie chain with 18 outlets, 10 in Delhi, 6 in Gurugram and 2 in Noida. On their bill of fare are over 120 items of irresistible cakes, flaky pastries, savouries designed to "clear the palate" and desserts to tickle the brain for more, eachcreated by them at their Commissary in Gurugram. All outlets are professionally run and managed, providing the best of bakery and confectionery at reasonable prices. Once customers savour their delights, they find their way back again and again!!!

The key factor of their prosperity has been their personal involvement in baking and utilizing the very same fixings and methods as those utilized in home preparations. Every single bakery of “Angels in my kitchen” is supplied food that has their mastery touch of being pastry specialists and cake decorators.

Over the past decade, they have been on the minds and the pallets of the customers, and won many accolades to their credit.