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walnut fudge brownie - 85.00 / 1 Pcs - Eggless

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Did you know that a walnut fudge brownie has less fat than a traditional brownie? Hence these decadent tasting brownies, don’t make you feel guilty. Crispy on the top and on the sides and mushy in the inside – just the way a brownie ought to be.


Brownie details:

Contains Nuts

Brownie Flavour – Chocolate

Brownie type – Moist

Weight – 85 gms

Shape – Rectangle

Serves – 1 Person


Please note:

The tray, cutlery & accessories used in the images are for display purposes only.

These will not be delivered with the product.

Our products are hand delivered in good quality cardboard boxes

The photos are only indicative, the actual size and shape may vary


Care Instructions:

All brownies are free from trans fats, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, and artificial colour . They are fresh on arrival. If not indulging within one week, freezing is recommended. Treats are individually wrapped , and thawing takes less than one hour at room temperature.

  1. Store them in an air- tight plastic container ad refrigerated 
  2. Wrap the brownie in and plastic wrap and place in freezer, thaw in room temperature for 2 hours when you are ready for a bite


You have been Touched by angels … Enjoy your Brownies

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